Pen Pals: Not A Lost Form Of Writing. Written by Elissa R. Lerma

Pen Pals: Not A Lost Form Of Writing. Written by Elissa R. Lerma

We are officially on summer vacation around here and although it will seem like it is gone in a flash, three months is a long time for a child to be out of the classroom.

My daughter just finished 1st grade and she has learned so much in those nine months, so I want her to keep those skills over the summer to ensure that she has the best start to 2nd grade that she can possibly have.  Therefore, I came up with an activity that will have her practicing her writing, grammar, and vocabulary all summer long.

Thanks to facebook, blogs, and message boards we all have a friend that has kids the same age as our own.  In my case, I have a blog reader who has a little boy born the exact same day of my daughter!  Since both of our kids are in the same grade, I reached out to her to see if her son would be interested in being pen pals with my little girl. Yes, that’s right, old fashion letter writing!  My friend thought it would be a great idea, so we exchanged addresses. My daughter wrote her first letter to her new pen-pal and at the same time to my pleasure she was  practicing her cursive writing, her punctuations, her spelling, and even the proper way to write a letter.

My daughter is already excited to get her first letter from her pen pal, but more importantly to me, she is excited to write him back!

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