FYI Mommy….Your Non-Mommy Friends Miss You. Written by Marcy Guevara

FYI Mommy….Your Non-Mommy Friends Miss You. Written by Marcy Guevara

Your non-mommy friends miss you…and your undivided attention…Facebook statuses that aren’t about your kids…dirty jokes… YOU GET IT.  This is the column that will keep you COOL with your friends who aren’t sucked into mommyhood yet.  I’m going to keep it real, short, and sweet…with a little sass on the side.  I’ll talk honestly about children in restaurants, bringing back girl’s night out, and keeping the kiddie talk OUT of our conversations.  It’s not that I hate children, or don’t support your offspring and their development, but we miss the old you!  The you that we used to take shots with in the parking lot of 7-eleven (not that we still do that), the one we could call at any time of day or night (and would pick up) and the one who planned the BEST bachelorette parties on the block.  Now that you’ve traded in the sexy straws for Mickey and Minnie, we’re okay, but every now and then, we want your old sense of humor to seep through to those Facebook updates, we want to see YOUR face as your Twitter avatar, not your babies and we want to have lunch with YOU and JUST YOU and be able to say that and not offend anyone.  There is so much I want to tell you, about your monthly newsletter, your baby books in the bathroom that replaced Cosmopolitan, and on and on and on… but I will start slow…because I love you and I want us to be friends when I eventually have a kid.  But for now, I want to remind you that I love you more than I love your baby, I want to know how YOU are more than I care to know about potty training or your MOPS group.  So let’s chat, let’s get down, let’s make it work.

xxoo, Marcy your Non-Mommy BFF

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