Beautiful Skin With Nuvo Visage! Written by Reese Alexander

Beautiful Skin With Nuvo Visage! Written by Reese Alexander

During one of her business trips to Bogota Colombia, Helenya Gradidge the founder of Nuvo Visage noticed that the women there had beautiful skin.  She found out that their secret was to submerge their faces in a bowl of crushed ice every morning to help keep their skin firm and refreshed.

After many years of research, redesigning and testing, a product was launched in South Africa to achieve this same beautiful skin.  Now together with a great team, it will be  launching in the USA as well.  

Nuvo Visage is a gel face pack which speeds up the healing process while firming the skin texture.  It also revitalizes the blood flow on the facial area.

Both the Rejuvenating Gel Mask and the Hot Ice Therapy Mask can be used either hot or cold.  The Rejuvenating Gel Mask needs to be placed in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes for hot therapy, and then stays hot for up to ten minutes. The Hot Ice Therapy Mask has an instant heat activating tab that heats up in seconds and stays hot for up to thirty minutes!

Nuvo Visage is a socially conscious company and a portion of their proceeds goes to help the Humane Society purchase land for animals who are waiting for new homes. 

The Rejuvenating Gel Mask retails for $19.95 and the Hot Ice Therapy Mask for $29.95. For more information visit!

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